Trading and Syndicates Account Manager, Jaanus Hellat

Funderbeamer exclusive bio of our B.F.J. - Big Friendly Jaanus

At Funderbeam we are fiercely protective of our company culture. Not only do we make our decisions based on exceptional qualifications but we also prioritize incredible people. In fact, cultural fit in most cases usurps qualifications because a major strength of ours so far has been our cohesion and collaboration across departments.

Which brings us to this Funderbeamer bio and our Trading and Syndicates Manager, Jaanus Hellat. Truly, a larger than life person and personality. If you think about mixing the BFG with Fred Wilson, you’d have the genetic formula for our Jaanus. Big in stature, kind in heart, brilliant in mind. It’s hard to not consider yourself fortunate when you can add someone of his calibre to your team.

“Jaanus’ furious passion and intellect enable him to be fearless in such a way anyone can be envious of. This ability to leap into the unknown was a major reason we were eager for him to join our family — primarily because it makes everyone around him wiser, bolder, and more effective.” CEO and founder, Kaidi Ruusalepp

He comes to Funderbeam after accumulating a wealth of experience as an investment consultant with Swedbank, fund manager with Suprema Securities, and then as a portfolio manager at Nordea. Now, Jaanus is leading the development and growth of our trading ecosystem on Funderbeam. You can experience his work and provide us with valued feedback 24/7 on Funderbeam.

“His dedication, persistence, and how he protects and stands for our team’s values is testament to how big this big man’s heart is.” Cofounder, Urmas Peiker

In addition to all of his professional abilities and accomplishments, Jaanus is also a father of four, accomplished cold water swimmer, and an excellent oarsman. We have visual evidence of his abilities below. Although, our cofounder, Urmas may want to try and take some of the credit for their canoe team’s speed.

From left to right: Urmas (Cofounder), Kaidi (CEO and Founder), and Jaanus!

You can see more photos of Jaanus below: