The leading B2B startup accelerator in Europe, Startup Wise Guys will fuel the Baltic startup scene through Funderbeam

Startup Wise Guys will fund their next “batch” of startups through a collaboration with Funderbeam, the platform where growth companies are funded and traded across borders. On blockchain. A fund of €300–400k will be used to invest in, and “accelerate” 10 selected companies who will take part at the Startup Wise Guys next acceleration program in Tallinn in 2017.

An accelerator, such as Startup Wise Guys, is a special kind of investment company that doesn’t simply invest money in startups, but “accelerates” them by providing an intensive business training program with lectures, specialized mentoring sessions, business connections, pitch training, office space, and much more.

Startup Wise Guys

Behind every accelerator, there are investors who choose to invest through the accelerator in order to spread their risk across multiple companies, as well as increase the chance of a successful outcome through the services provided by the accelerator.

We are building a platform that makes it easier to invest and trade small amounts in early stage startups, making it more democratic to take part in the success of great companies” explains Funderbeam Founder and CEO, Kaidi Ruusalepp, and continues: “With this partnership, we let the investors on our platform access Startup Wise Guys’ expertise in finding, screening, and improving companies, while spreading their investment on the entire batch.

Accelerators are typically funded by a closed groups of angel investors. Co-founder, and one of the lead angel investors of Startup Wise Guys, Herty Tammo, is aiming to open this circle to the world:

Basically, investing in an accelerator “batch” means you make one investment in a portfolio of ten carefully selected international startups. We have shown good results with our last six batches with portfolio companies like Vitalfields,, Investly and many more. This time we want to give access to this deal not just to the investors that have been with us for years, but to investors all over the world interested in supporting and investing in B2B companies”, says Tammo.

Uniquely to Funderbeam, investors will be able to trade their investments, providing liquidity to their investment in a way that has never been seen before. Usually, an investment in a startup is tied up in the company until they are either sold or go public, which typically takes five to ten years or more. The investors in the Startup Wise Guys fund will be able to offer their investments for sale whenever they think the time is right.

The round will be open for all investors on Funderbeam starting November 17th, and full details can be accessed on the

Startup Wise Guys