Startup Investments are Now Trading on the Blockchain!

Today, as Funderbeam launches trading, we mark the first time in history, where startup investments are being traded using blockchain technology.

First companies are live and trading

Shipitwise and SportID, both having closed successful crowdfunding campaigns on Funderbeam, are the first two companies to start trading. Both are Estonia-based, and a third, Sportlyzer, will follow shortly.

Shipitwise Office

Investors who backed the crowdfunding campaigns of the three companies can look forward to being able to trade their investments, meaning that they don’t have to wait until the company is either sold or goes public, before they can have their return on investment.

Funderbeam is the first company in the world to offer this kind of service based on the blockchain.

“We are super proud of the hard work that these companies have put into raising funds through Funderbeam.” Says Funderbeam cofounder Urmas Peiker, and continues: “Now we will see the real value of our service. It will be very exciting to see, if investors want to start trading and make a profit immediately, or if everyone will be holding on waiting for a higher return later”.

Funderbeam’s vision becoming real

Funderbeam aims to fundamentally change the game for early stage investors, making it their own choice how long they want to hold on to their investments. By using the blockchain to “tokenize” the investments, Funderbeam makes trading secure, fast, and transparent.
SportID Birthday Party

Funderbeam wants to make early stage investing better for experienced investors, and accessible to first time investors.

“Investing in the future will be digital, always on, and transparent. As will companies. I’m excited to see us take the first steps toward that future.”

Says Kaidi Ruusalepp, Funderbeam’s CEO and Founder. Before Funderbeam, Kaidi was the CEO of Nasdaq Estonia. She has led a traditional stock exchange, and now she is building the future one: Investing in and trading of growth companies using the blockchain.

Funderbeam has previously caught the attention of prominent people in investment circles, including super-VC, Tim Draper, who said when Funderbeam first launched:

“I love what they’re doing. You know, the existing public market is not working and Funderbeam is doing something about it.”

Actual trades going on right now using the blockchain

Need more info?

For questions or interview requests with Kaidi, contact Mads Dalsgaard:, or EE +372 5198 1067, or DK +45 2560 2660
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