Slush Tokyo: Announcing our Strategic Partner and Investor in APAC, Mistletoe!

Japanese investor and incubator, Mistletoe will invest €2m into Funderbeam! This was announced today on the main stage of Slush Tokyo, where Kaidi Ruusalepp, our Founder and CEO was giving her keynote. She was joined on stage by Taizo Son, the Japanese serial entrepreneur and CEO of Mistletoe.

In her announcement, Kaidi stated that the funds will be used to expand globally, and enter the Asia-pacific region:

“Our vision has always been to become the global stock exchange for startups. We’ve built the world’s first blockchain-powered always-open exchange, and now it’s time to scale outside of Europe. Mistletoe and Taizo Son, are ideal partners for this endeavour, as one of the most prominent and visionary investors in the region.”

Funderbeam allows investors to invest in, and then trade, growth investments. The company started in 2013 and first built data-intelligence platform for giving investors understanding of startup market. In April 2016, the company launched 2 next steps of the vision — platform for funding and trading startups. Since then investors on the platform have invested over two million euros, and completed trades totalling more than 100.000 euros and are representing 80+ countries.

Taizo Son, the Representative Director, President, and CEO explains:

“Mistletoe engages in various activities to support and grow a startup ecosystem in which entrepreneurs and startups can grow freely.And for the healthy development of this ecosystem, a transparent and open fundraising process, is one of its critical components.Through supporting Funderbeam’s Asia Pacific expansion, Mistletoe hopes to contribute to the democratization of startup fundraising in Asia Pacific.”

Mistletoe is the collective impact community to empower startups and innovators to create a more human-centered and sustainable future through tecehnology. It is comprised of founders, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and visionaries in the startup and venture communities who share the lofty ambition of addressing the problems humanity faces in the near and long-term future.

Funderbeam and Mistletoe will work together on their detailed strategy for entering APAC markets. Funderbeam has already launched in Europe, and sees Asia as its biggest opportunity for expansion. “According to our own data, Asia has been growing at a much higher rate than Europe and North America. This, combined with less competition and more progressive regulations have made it an easy choice to focus on our Asian expansion while we closely monitor the developments in the US market,” stated Ruusalepp.