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The first syndicate to launch on the Funderbeam Markets is already well over halfway to being funded. Investments vary from €250 up to €5,000, and the goal is to raise at least €100k. We can’t disclose more details about the deal outside our platform, but you can find it all on

Introducing Shipitwise

It’s always a hassle to ship non-standardized items overseas as a small business or an individual. Either because big couriers don’t care or small ones only act locally.

So we built Shipitwise, a mobile platform and service to help businesses with hassle-free and affordable shipping.

“Shipitwise is the only international delivery company offering transparent pricing for small-business users.” — Mission Coffee Works

Our estimated total serviceable market is €200m to provide shipping services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals. We estimate our annual revenue will exceed €5m by the end of 2018.

Today, there are two primary ways to ship internationally. The most widely used option is to physically go to a post office or a parcel machine with the item yourself. The second option is to use a courier service, where you pre-package your item and the courier picks the parcel up from you. Most countries have ample and reliable options to service those methods. However, there are numerous problems with both of those options. For example, many have strict weight and size limits for shipping internationally.

We’re taking the whole international shipping logistics chain apart and co-operating with key partners to make a better chain. One where you don’t have to physically go anywhere nor worry about pre-packaging your items. We also optimize the whole route and accept both bulky and unstandardized items such as: pets, motorbikes, and furniture.

Initially, we’re focusing on the Western European market, starting with the U.K.. Over time, we plan on building an international company, covering most regions of the world. Think of UPS but with a customer-centric focus.

Current and upcoming partners:

Current and upcoming partners

We do something that existing companies don’t do, we make all couriers (big and small) and moving companies, cooperate in one platform while coordinating with partners whom are able to package items so the customer won’t have to.

Doing this, allows us to build logistical chains where each stage of shipping (pick-up, packaging, transit and delivery) can be optimized. Giving us an opportunity to provide customers their first full-stack shipping experience. Meanwhile, we select different partners for routes, depending on their strengths, prices and speed. This allows us cooperate with numerous companies to provide our customers with a better, faster and sometimes cheaper service.

Logistical chains

Shipitwise makes sending items over long distances as easy as sending a text message. Why should it be any more difficult?
1. Select what you want to ship then add the shipment, pickup, and drop-off details;
2. Choose the price quote based on delivery time;
3. Make the payment, then one of our couriers will take it from there.

Aleksander Gansen — Cofounder and CEO
Alex has 25+ years of experience starting and running international trade businesses. He’s constantly solving logistical problems and developing methods for improving a business’ supply chain.

Olari Miiter — Cofounder and COO
Olari has ten years of experience running sales teams with over 500 people and even cofounded a successful facility management startup.

Ragmar Saksing — Cofounder and CTO
Ragmar has 18 years of managing IT teams with over 50 people and cofounded a successful facility management startup.

Anna Medjanskaja — Chief Logistics Officer
Logistician from birth (family run logistics business) and holds a B.A. in Economics. She has seven years optimizing large logistics companies.

Helen Kokk — Chief Design Officer
UX / UI designer with 10+ years experience. Passionate about entrepreneurship.

Sander Gansen — Chief Marketing Officer
Unfinished law degree. Sander is also a graduate of Draper University, with Silicon Valley startup experience.

Tarmo Tubro — Lead developer
Developer by trade with 15 years of enterprise java development experience.


We have currently received an investment of €30,000 from Startup Wise Guys and used this money to:
1. Evaluated 50 logistics companies across Europe (U.K. focused);
2. Built a pipeline of 30 B2B customers in travel industry;
3. Shipped over 30 packages from Estonia and the U.K.;
4. Established our beta version of instant pricing app.

1. We have already received over 200 requests, converting 15% into shipments which have an average customer cost of €125;
2. We also have 50 logistics companies on board and have signed contracts with a majority of them;
3. Month over month, our growth has been close to 300% in requests and shipments.

For the next 12 months, we plan on maintaining our month-over-month growth to at least 100% and have made our overall projections with a 30% growth in mind.

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