Ready for Tallinn Music Week!

Today is the start of Tallinn Music Week, and we’re excited to announce who we’re bringing here!

From March 2–15, 2016 we encouraged everyone we could reach to help us improve our startup data. We offered a chance to win a fun-packed weekend for two in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia. Specifically, to attend Tallinn Music Week as our very own special VIP!

Here’s an intro to our winner, Annika, who is a half Australian-half Swede living in Berlin. How awesome is that combo? Annika is a Community and Partnership Manager at TechBerlin which is a community of people helping each other to support Berlin’s startup scene.

She knows startups!

We asked Annika a few questions:

So, how did she hear about the campaign?

I saw it posted in the Berlin Startup Slack channel, and figured I might as well add some. — And I guess that paid off!

What are you most excited about seeing at TMW?

I’ve never been to Estonia, so seeing Tallinn and experiencing a lot of new music sounds great. I really like that the Focus is on the small undiscovered bands.

Who are you bringing to Tallinn?

I’m bringing my colleague and friend Alessandro. He’s an awesome guy and I’m sure we’ll have tons of fun.

Annika made a number of updates to our database and was added to our pool of potential recipients. She was chosen at random (Thanks Google Sheets!) as our campaign grand prize recipient. Everyone else who made updates received additional free premium access to our data platform.
We’re very excited to be awarding this opportunity and even more excited to meet Annika in person. We’re also already looking forward to running this campaign next year and truly appreciate all of those who connected with us and participated. We’ll share something after TMW to briefly capturing Annika’s experience so you have an idea about what Tallinn is like and who some of the people are behind the scenes in the Berlin and Estonia startup communities.

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