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About Funderbeam

Funderbeam is the world’s first blockchain-powered exchange for early stage companies.

Co-founded by Kaidi Ruusalepp, Villu Arak and Urmas Peiker in 2013, Funderbeam first launched Funderbeam Data, a global data-intelligence subscription service on global startups and investors. In April 2016, the company released Funderbeam Markets, the world’s first primary and secondary market for early-stage startup investments, powered by blockchain technology.

Funderbeam allows investors to fund companies through open or closed syndicates. Companies can raise from a few local investors to 100’s of investors globally – while only adding one entity to their cap table.

All investments are instantly tradable on the blockchain, letting investors choose when to  return on investments instead of waiting +5 years for an exit.

On top, Funderbeam has free data on +180k startups and investors, helping both parties make informed decisions.

Funderbeam consists of 3 parts:
1) Data: Free, world-class, data intelligence for investors and founders.
2) Funding: Private/crowd syndicates for equity funding.
3) Trading: All investments are instantly tradable; investors choose how long to keep investment. All trades are secured by blockchain.

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Funderbeam has raised a total of $5.21m, from investors including Tim Draper (Draper Associates), Thomson ReutersIQ Capital Partners and more. For more details, see Funderbeam’s funding profile or the press release from latest funding round. Besides angel investments and VC, Funderbeam has added $552k from investors on their own platform.


Funderbeam’s core team is Located in Tallinn Estonia, while a smaller team is based in London. As of December 2016, Funderbeam has 17 full-time employees. You can find our team on Instagram as Funderbeamers.

Funderbeam was founded by Kaidi Ruusalepp (bio) and Urmas Peiker (bio) in 2013.



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