HR and Office Manager, Dagmar Vlassov

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This is a special edition of our Funderbeamer bio series. We have an incredible work atmosphere here at Funderbeam — We bond outside of work, we are able to clash respectfully, our personalities compliment each other, and we bring positivity, passion, and a determined work ethic to the office every day. The fuel, the centrifuge, the gravitational force which aligns and propels our little startup universe here at Funderbeam is Dagmar. She is the unifying force which connects us all and with this edition we’ve gotten every single Funderbeamer to share a short story or thought about how Dagmar has impacted their time here.

From: The Founders

Founder and CEO, KAIDI: It was 2005, I had just agreed to take the CEO position at Nasdaq Tallinn and as the previous CEO left with our Office/HR Manager, this was the first position to fill. Dagmar was working then for the Government Office (Riigikantselei) HR and our friend introduced us. After our first handshake, it was clear she should be our next HR Manager. For me, Dagmar had that kind of special spark in her eye you look for when hiring people for the long-term. If these sparks are missing, you may still get a good person, but you’re likely to get a machine.

So, together we worked tirelessly to make Nasdaq Tallinn a top environment which would attract strong people, build team spirit, and create an organization that was not only a strong on the market as a brand but would be a memorable journey for all employees. Long story short — Funderbeam is now our new Nasdaq 😉 and Dagmar is still the person that makes us all alive.

Co-founder, URMAS: Like any structure which needs to grow, there must be a strong foundation. For us, Dagmar is the heart of Funderbeam. She is both the warmth and bite of a roaring fire! Our feeling of family and where the strength of the organization comes from begins with Dagmar. I’ve believed for a long time that you can build the greatest product or service but you cannot create an extraordinary company without extraordinary people. Dagmar is that and more, she is the one who ensures everything is running seamlessly. Without her fire, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

From: Legal

GERD: Dagmar, keep up the good work and positive attitude! You keep us going and inspire us all!

From: Finance

THOMAS: It’s a strange world when you get on a plane to work for a company in a country you’ve never even visited, but when the first person you meet is Dagmar Vlassov, you know it’s probably going to be OK. And we all know — she’s the real reason Funderbeam keeps running each day!

From: Business Development

DAMIR: From my first day with Funderbeam whenever something had to be done, it was done. And although I could not see her, later on, I found out she always had and has this sneaky smile on her face. Thank you, Dagmar!

MONIKA: I’m relatively new ‘Beamer but since the first day I understood how important and special Dagmar is for everybody on the team. We are one crazy and happy family and she is our rock. Thank you, Dagmar!

ARDO: So much has been commented about Dagmar being a mother of Funderbeam and I do agree with that 😊. What I especially like about her is that she genuinely cares about every Funderbeam team member’s life and well-being, it is not just small-talk. If I would need to put together my “Fellowship of the Ring”, for the long journey to Mount Doom, then Dagmar would definitely have a place there.

DAVID: Dagmar is the person who defines care in Funderbeam. The mood is always bright when she’s around, and her care goes beyond the office as she is constantly pushing us to be healthier by providing weekly training sessions, enrolling us into any sporting event that’s available, and rewarding us with a steady supply of ice cream. You can definitely feel her presence in Funderbeam, which wouldn’t be the same without her.

BERT: I think we all would be bigger slobs without Dagmar and thanks to her rigorous exercise sessions we probably stand a smaller chance of getting diabetes or heart disease some years down the line. We can save up on electricity during darker times as the sunshine she radiates keeps the office light enough. And she provides us tasty and healthy food on daily basis. Basically, she just makes everyone in the office better human beings — something that should be the ultimate goal of every HR manager.

From: Marketing

MADS EMIL: Funderbeam has the best team spirit of any company I’ve ever encountered. In fact, people enjoy being here so much, that I’ve seen people spend their vacation days just hanging out at the office!

This kind of work environment doesn’t happen by accident: It’s the result of the hard work Dagmar puts in with HR — whether it’s by hiring awesome new team players, organizing team events to keep us happy, or simply making us eat healthy and work out so we will stay longer. Thanks for everything!

BJÖRN: Moving to Tallinn from the U.S. without ever visiting Estonia was a huge leap of faith for me personally. Without Dagmar helping me integrate professionally and socially, I would have been incredibly isolated and lonely. Because of her compassion, kindness, and energy, I have had an incredibly positive start to life in Estonia. Thanks, Dagmar!

PIIA: Dagmar is a superwoman. She genuinely cares about all Funderbeamers and makes us feel like a big happy family. She is a role model for all of us by making us work harder at our office training and outside work. Dagmar is like a mama duck taking care of her little ducklings. Without her, Funderbeam wouldn’t be the same.

From: Engineering

TAIVO: Dagmar is like a mother. In the office, she is a big organizer and although her arrangement sometimes creates confusion, we really have all the conditions for achieving great results (both at work and in sports). And as mothers do, she achieves these results using various methods: sometimes she is invisible, sometimes authoritative, and other times uses helpful counsel.

JAAK: I believe that without Dagmar Funderbeam office will literally break down in a month or so, she keeps everything running here. Also, she actually cares about our health — regular training, sports events and even on vacation she checks whether we exercise or not. And occasionally in a good way, points out that I’m eating too much candy.

RIHO: Dagmar is the greatest Vlassov that I know of. 😊

VILJAR: There are so many good already been said. I would just want to thank you, Dagmar, for taking care of us and make us feel as a team. The positive energy you bring to the office makes us all shine and happier 😊 — thus a better human being as well. I’m really glad we have you!

KIRILL: Fun fact: Dagmar can hold her breath without breathing. Dagmar always finds all the bombs by opening the first square in Minesweeper.

RAMON: Dagmar is the most compassionate person I have ever met. She is always ready to help you, no matter what. She makes everyone in Funderbeam to feel like they’re home. She is like your favorite warm blanket — you don’t remember where you got it from, but it’s really dear to you.

From: Data

NICHOLAS: Dagmar goes well beyond the standard of care expected of an HR manager. At the individual level, she makes sure we all have everything we could need, but the greatest thing about Dagmar is that she makes the team feel like a family. The culture at Funderbeam is unlike anything one could find anywhere else and Dagmar is at the very center of it.

TIMO: Dagmar is like the Sun, that planet Funderbeam with all its inhabitant’s orbits. She is the heart and soul of Funderbeam and while we here in engineering are looking after the servers, she is looking after us, making sure we got everything we need. She is the most organized, positive, and energetic person I have ever met in my life!

KEVIN: Dagmar, the mother of Funderbeamers — she plays a crucial role in coordinating the fun part of our team’s lives. When it comes to food, events, sport or trips, she’s the one gluing together the pieces of the wonderful Funderbeam puzzle! Always smiling, caring, and devoted — she makes a real family out of our company. Thank you so much, Dagmar! 😊

ANNIKA: I have never met a person, who likes to talk and laugh so loud and as much as Dagmar does, even while hard exercising. No one in Funderbeam can manage without Dagmar! Without Dagmar every Funderbeamer is handicapped 😊. She is our Candy Girl! And candy is very important in Funderbeam, Funderbeam works on sugar, and our work flow is in Dagmar’s hands. If she is not in the office it feels like something is missing, it feels weirdly quiet.

JANELI: Dagmar is the one who has kept holding the lady power in the office. Having 20+ kids is not an easy task to have but she handles it easily. And as a super mother, she keeps all her kids healthy, well-nourished, (alive) motivated, and makes sure everyone feels loved.

SEHER: Dagmar’s organizational and communicational skills, truly inspire me. I am thankful for her brightening the work environment with her joyful laughter!

From: Design

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MARKKO: Dagmar is the true yes-woman, never accepting any excuses why something couldn’t be done. I think in her previous life she was a shepherd dog, your most loyal companion never stops for rest, and always welcomes you with a friendly bark. She has made us all better by her presence constant care.

MEHIS: Thanks to Dagmar, Funderbeam will have a higher muscle mass percentage, by keeping us active. And if you think you can limp around the office without Dagmar noticing — wrong. She will make you go to the doctor. We simply are better thanks to her.

SANDER: Energy incarnate — bolting around while smiling, she’s like a sugar rush personified but actually gets things done — never seen anything like it.


RA: Dagmar has helped me a lot to fit into being a Funderbeamer and arranged this awesome tailor-fit internship opportunity for me. She is genuinely nice, really sincere and a pleasant person, bringing a very positive vibe to the whole office and probably to wherever she goes.

In addition to being an excellent leader, teammate, and motivational force, Dagmar is also an incredible mother of two and wife to an excellent cyclist.

See below for more of Dagmar leading us toward healthier and happier lives: