Head of Operations, Monika Tooming-Varblane

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Champions keep playing until they get it right. — Billie Jean King

One of our newest and greatest additions to our team is a force on the court and in the office space. Since joining Funderbeam, we’ve been relishing our time with Monika and now is about time you officially meet our Head of Operations.

It was the first week Monika came to work for Funderbeam. We were hosting a party during the Estonian blue chip startup event, Latitude59. After the party, one well-known VC came to me and said, “Monika just sold me on Funderbeam. I’m yours!” The same happened some days later. So, within a week Monika was part of the business and part of the team. BTW, her second name should be execution. — Founder and CEO, Kaidi Ruusalepp

Starting her career at LHV bank here in Estonia, Monika spent her first 12 years professionally with them honing and developing her skills. Most recently, working as an institutional relationship executive and specializing in the Baltic securities market. Prior to her time with LHV, she attended and graduated from Tartu University, which is among “the top 2% of the world’s best universities.”

Now Monika finds herself as our Head of Operations! She is primarily responsible for identifying operational routines for the on-boarding of investors, traders, and companies on Funderbeam. In addition, she establishes our routines and necessary tools for smooth customer management, which includes the development and integration of tools visible to customers as well as internal facing.

Typically, in big corporations the impact of an individual is not very noticeable and thus every single person is not mega-critical. But in a startup, it is the opposite. We need to find the best for every position and every person is critical to our success. Monika is the Queen of operations and much more beyond. That’s how we are constantly in The Zone. — Cofounder, Urmas Peiker

Beyond Monika’s professional acumen, she is married with one son, who is “growing up so quickly”. Their family life is full of sport which typically involves her lifelong passion, tennis. When they aren’t playing tennis, Monika enjoys cooking and baking as well as enjoying amazing food and wine with her friends.

But what brought such a dynamic, driven, and talented person to our humble company? Well, let’s let Monika answer that question herself…

I believe in Funderbeam and its vision to invest and fund companies without borders so I really wanted to be a part of that. To create and build something so special. Another major factor is that Kaidi and the team are so inspiring. — Head of Operations, Monika Tooming-Varblane

But what do those who report directly to Monika have to say? 🤔

David (left), Monika (center), and Tom aka Pooley (right)

Monika is a fantastic colleague whom I have the pleasure to work with daily. Her experience, pro-active approach, and drive to achieve result ensures that all of Funderbeam’s operations are constantly on track. Combine this with her positive and energetic personality, and you have a superhuman who can take on any challenge.—Investor Relations Specialist, David Musu’

Monika has such a strong positive energy and a smile on her face that makes being around her an absolute pleasure. From my first day, she made sure I felt at home and is always willing to help me under any circumstance. In short, Monika is our driving force behind making Funderbeam more and more customer friendly. — Customer Support Specialist, Tom Pooley

Finally, here are some photos showcasing Monika’s skills and hobbies:

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