Head of Data, Nicholas Vandrey

Funderbeamer exclusive bio of a Texan who left the Lone Star for the Old Town.

Funderbeam exclusive bio

As the song goes — “The cowboys cry, “Ki yippee yi!” Deep in the heart of Texas.”

However, I don’t think the song writer had ever met a Texan who speaks Estonian. If he had, the lyrics might have been, “The cowboys cry, “Heiparalla!” Deep in the heart of Texas.”

Originally a native of Houston, Texas our Head of Data has spent a great deal of his life living, studying, and now working in Europe. From attending High School in Norway to then graduating from Tartu University, Nick has established himself as the most European and talented Texan we know. Did we mention he was also amongst the top of his graduating class at Tartu University? It’s true!

Nicholas speaking to his fellow Tartu University (Estonia) graduates

“For some reason, Nick reminds me of the story where a seemingly modest person stood up against Goliath — we all know what happened there. Data is the most overlooked and yet the most powerful part of Funderbeam. Nick is the creator and King of Data.” — Urmas, Cofounder

As the leader of Funderbeam Data, Nicholas has written/co-written and developed many great examples showcasing what his team has been producing and how their work benefits investors and startups alike. We highly recommend the following pieces to learn about how his team is working to provide valuable industry insights and enable companies to create useful tools for their customers.

“Funderbeam offers unparalleled access for investors and startup enthusiasts to make use of the immense amount of data in driving their investment decisions. Working with Funderbeam has been one of the most challenging and most rewarding experiences of my life, and has given me the opportunity to grow immensely as an analyst and data enthusiast.” — Nicholas

Nicholas is new to but extremely accessible via Twitter and LinkedIn. So, if you’d like to reach out with questions about Funderbeam Data or Tolkien (Nick is a huge fan), he’s your Huckleberry.

“Nick has displayed natural managerial skills from the first day he joined Funderbeam. You tell him to, “run the data business” and that’s all you ever need to communicate. To be able to be this results-driven and outperform all expectations at such a young age — wow, what a career he has ahead!” — Kaidi, CEO

In closing, take a look at some of our personal favorite photos of Nicholas!

Nick as 1/6th of the Funderbeamers racing in an orienteering competition

Nick enjoying (we think) SeaWorld

Nick during Latitude59 in Tallinn

It’s important to have solid ground under your feet, but they never mention there needing to be solid ground underneath that