Senior Developer, Riho Õll

Funderbeamer exclusive bio of our skydiving daredevil

Alan Eustace, a VP at Google on Oct. 24, 2014, set the world record for highest parachute jump at 135,890 feet breaking the previous record, held by Felix Baumgartner at 127,852 feet.

When asked how Alan dealt with his fear, he responded:

“I have a really strong belief in technology. If I know the people that designed it, if we tested extensively, if we understand the limitations of a particular technology, then I believe it’s going to work.” — Alan Eustace

Mr. Eustace’s notions referring to his confidence in technology, precisely reflect our conviction in assigning the most challenging technological tasks to our Senior Developer, Riho Õll.

If you need someone who codes all the secrets for making financial services more innovative, this person is Riho. There is no task impossible for him — weather it is blockchain, back office or money transfers. The most impressive thing is — he does this only once and the code will last for years. Unchanged. — Founder and CEO, Kaidi Ruusalepp

With extensive experience working on demanding and pressure packed projects, our “Rihopotamus” takes to large tasks like a Hippo takes to a patch of watermelons. To be clear, he devours large tasks… ask Trello, it will confirm.

Beside being a sharp-witted leader on our engineering team, Riho is also an adrenalin junkie. Actually, let’s just say he is “risk averse”, because in his free-time you can catch him putting himself in harm’s way. Literally. You can catch him because he likes to jump out of airplanes. He is also an avid athlete, former track star, and budding pull-up specialist. Come visit the office or check out our Instagram account to see him in action.

Riho is a silent assassin. He prefers to remain invisible but his actions are always powerfully visible. He executes with the speed and precision that make everyone else wondering. His intelligence and sense of humor makes him well equipped for any task or situation. — Cofounder and Legal Architect, Urmas Peiker

If you’re looking for the proof to our claims, you can see Riho tempting fate just below, along with some other photos. He is also an alumi of the Funderbeam Long-Hair Hall of Fame.

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