Funderbeam Weekly #4

Medvedgrad is open for tradingĀ šŸŽ‰

Last week we shared more about our yearly report, an exciting new partnership, and another article from our co-founder about managing business and fitness. This week we have an exciting trading update, an article about Baltic entrepreneurs, and an insight from our Global Funding Report.

Medvedgrad Craft Brewery has openedĀ trading!

Today, the successfully funded campaign by the company,Ā Medvedgrad Craft BreweryĀ opened for trading.Ā If you are an investor in this campaign you should have received an automated email notification when trading opened. If not, please check your spam folder and adjust your email settings.

15 Baltic Female Movers & Shakers of the TechĀ World

2017 witnessed a growing number of female-led companies achieve significant traction with customers and raise millions of investment. Check out Labs of Latviaā€™sĀ list of entrepreneursĀ to get to know these influencers.

Asia is becoming moreĀ dominant

The share of global funding has shifted since 2013 and North America has been losing its significance on a global scale. The regionā€™s share of global funding fell from 80% in 2013 to less than 50% in 2017. You canĀ read moreon our blog orĀ downloadĀ the full report for free.

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