Funderbeam launches partnership with Zagreb Stock Exchange

Today, Funderbeam and Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) announced a joint venture that will make investors able to invest in growth companies in South-east Europe and trade their investments. The common goal is defined as creating, promoting, and developing early stage investments in the region of South-east Europe.

At the event where the partnership was announced, Ivana Gazic, President of Supervisory Board at Zagreb Stock Exchange explained why they have partnered up with Funderbeam:

“We are very excited about the opportunities Funderbeam offers to growing companies. As exchange that is missing new listings, we want to create environment in which we can foster significant issuers on the regulated market. We think Funderbeam is an ideal partner for this, and we plan to make the SEE part of it strong.”

zagreb stock exchange partnership with funderbeam

The partnership will be called Funderbeam SEE, short for South-east Europe. ZSE shares the same view with Funderbeam, that the way companies are being financed and how investors are investing is already changing. Providing an innovative platform for early stage companies is an opportunity for them to provide and cover the entire chain of a company’s life cycle: from very early stage until mature stage where they could be listed on the main market.
Kaidi Ruusalepp, Funderbeam’s CEO and Founder, explained how the partnership is a part of her strategy to expand Funderbeam all over the world:

“Funderbeam has created a solution for financing companies and trading their investments cross-border without unnecessary friction. We aspire to make this new funding and trading model global, and finding strong and reliable partners is part of our global ambition. ZSE is a future looking partner from the traditional financial sector. There is no doubt that we will both work toward something bigger.”

The goal is to have the first companies fundraising and trading this year. The target companies are ones who have already proven their product/service market fit, and Funderbeam SEE welcomes all the startups in the region to apply. Local facilitators/ validators like accelerators and angels are also very important participants in the entire value chain, and Funderbeam SEE will work closely together with several players in the region.

If you happen to understand Croatian, you can visit the site here.

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