Curated Funderpicks — March 4, 2016

Despite the pending arrival of spring, it’s still pretty chilly in most of Europe. So we scoured our database to bring you four startups that should help make it through the last of the cold. Oh, they also picked up extra funding in the last seven days.

Much Better Adventures is a British travel tech startup that provides easy access to skier-run chalets. They just landed £400k (€518k) to fund further growth and to move into their second vertical — road cycling holidays. Here at Funderbeam, we could sure use a cycling trip by now!

We were a bit surprised to see Danish Fishtrip on our radar this week. Fishtrip provides angling trips for companies and private parties, and they even help you cook your catch afterwards. Interestingly, they just raised “more than” DKK 500k (€67k) from prominent angel investor Jesper Buch. He’s the guy behind Just Eat, one of the world’s leading takeaway-ordering services with more than 38,000 restaurants on their platform. Buch has referred to Fishtrip as “the Just Eat of fishing,” and we’ll definitely try it out once it’s a bit warmer.

If it’s too grey and dreary where you are, Jobbatical might have a solution for you. It’s a site for temporary job posts across the globe, allowing you to find a job and relocate. The Estonia-based startup just raised $2m (€1.8m) Series A funding, and is, quite literally, ready to take on the world. We’ve hired through the platform ourselves, so if you want to leave the cold behind, check it out.

Finally, if none of the above work for you, Vicampo may be your solution. The German-based company operates an online marketplace for wine, connecting consumers directly to producers and cutting out the middleman. They just raised a €5.3m Series C from E.Ventures and Passion Capital, bringing our valuation of the company to $73m (€65m). There is no public valuation available, but our algorithm factors in a range of data points including investment type, round size, company stage, and more.

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That’s all, folks. Have a great weekend!