Chief Marketing Officer, Mads Emil Dalsgaard

Funderbeamer exclusive bio “Du skal kravle, før du kan gå.” — Danish Proverb

In case you don’t speak Danish or haven’t used Google Translate already, the quote above translates to: “You have to crawl before you can walk.” And our CMO is currently sprinting.

A former startup founder himself, Mads Emil brings invaluable experience and insight because he has walked the same path our syndicates are following. As a result, his deep understanding of the funding and investing needs of our users and syndicates alike coupled with his business acumen make Funderbeam and everyone who works with him better.

The first thing you notice about Mads is his height. So, it immediately makes me look up to him ;-). The other thing is his name — you actually never know how to pronounce it. But other than that :-) Mads has certain depth that one needs to be CMO of a company with a global ambitions. And besides being creative, he has one unique addition which not many marketing people have — the ability to introduce and manage routines. — CEO, Kaidi Ruusalepp

Originally from Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, Mads Emil moved to Copenhagen when he was 17. Since then, he has lived in several different countries, and before moving to Estonia he was, as mentioned above, running his own company in Berlin with two co-founders.

If you’re interested in learning more about his previous venture and what he learned from this experience then we recommend reading his article, “Failing a startup: The soft thing about hard things.”

Failing a company sucks in every possible way; It’s wrong to glorify failing to the point of encouraging it. That said, I’m thankful for where I ended up, and I don’t think Kaidi & Co. would have given me this opportunity if I didn’t have my experience as a founder.

Since joining Funderbeam, Mads Emil has been busy across Europe growing Funderbeam’s influence by speaking at various conferences while establishing scalable growth-focused marketing practices and meeting directly with VCs, angels, accelerators, and startups. He is regularly available across most social channels and is always interested in discussing how Funderbeam can help startups and investors.

But when his nose isn’t on the grindstone it is usually near a climbing wall as one of his favorite hobbies is bouldering. Tertiary to that, he enjoys skiing, wine, and coffee. So, whenever you’re ready for a “Cup of Joe” or to take on a black diamond, he’s your guy.

Oh, he is also an avid photographer. See below for some of his favorite shots of Estonia from 2016:

One of my favourite buildings in Tallinn. Part of a Soviet-era Furniture factory.
View through the railroad buildings towards old town.
Soomaa National Park