Chief Financial Officer, Thomas Davies

Funderbeamer exclusive bio: “aut cum scuto aut in scuto”

As a student of both Latin and Ancient Greek our newly appointed Chief Financial Officer, Thomas Davies will find a particular significance in the phrase above. A Greek expression Spartan mothers said to their sons as they departed for battle, it makes clear that there is “no honor found in surviving defeat”.

“Funderbeam has achieved a great deal already, turning an exciting vision into a reality that is transforming start-up funding and the investor experience. I’m excited to be part of the next phase of growth, scaling the business up, and shaping its profile for the future.”

Fittingly, Thomas now finds himself in our office, knowing full well that Funderbeam is adopting the same approach as the Spartans when it comes taking on the way financial markets operate today.

“15 years’ in ‘big banks’ teaches you a lot of great things, but it also teaches you that process can be suffocating, particularly around early stage investing. From my first conversation with Kaidi, it was clear that the folks at Funderbeam suffer from no such restrictions. Being part of a team that has such ambition to disrupt financial services will be my most exhilarating, and challenging, project to date.”

Thomas has over 15 years experience in the financial services industry, in particular mergers and acquisitions as well as fundraising. Following a project to assist a team setting up a business selling electric motorcycles, he is now responsible for all our financial reporting and KPI management at Funderbeam.

Funderbeam CEO Kaidi Ruusalepp added, “To our great astonishment we received applications from all around the world for our CFO position. It was not just a competition between good candidates — it was a selection amongst brilliant ones. Complimenting his intellect, Thomas’ engaging personality fits ideally with the team — both in sports and singing.”

Outside the office, Thomas is a keen sportsman, and can often be found either on his bike, running, or on rare occasions in a rowing boat. More leisurely pursuits include the opera and scuba diving. Though on the latter topic he is clear about one thing: “Scuba diving needs warm waters — I’m not ready for the Baltic yet.”

What Thomas doesn’t know is there is a clause in every Funderbeamer’s contract which stipulates they must swim at least once in the Baltic Sea at a time of their choosing between November and February. We’ll update you all when Thomas has honored his contract in full ;-).

See Thomas in action below:

Our CFO Tomas Davies

Our CFO Tomas Davies

Our CFO Tomas Davies

Our CFO Tomas Davies

Our CFO Tomas Davies


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