Chief Design Officer, Markko Karu

Funderbeamer exclusive bio: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs

These words shared from the inspiration behind one of the most influential brands of our time are echoed across designers from the Fortune 100 to the sole-proprietor, and including our Chief Design Officer, Markko Karu. Interested in knowing more, we asked him about his deeper philosophy and reasons for joining Funderbeam, to which he provided some excellent insight and background.

“Design is about making life easier. I’ve won several awards for aesthetic reasons but I am most proud of my design solutions that have transformed a service, company, or consumer behaviour. My favourite design objects are systems and processes. I love when things click into place, when a complicated thing becomes logical. Killing redundancies is my favourite thing.”

Our CEO, Kaidi Ruusalepp explained why this approach motivated her to bring Markko to Funderbeam, “Everything Markko does, makes total sense. It seems there is not a single step in his life and work which could be described as pointless. I think his second name is Mr. Smart Solutions.”

Always conscious about efficiency, Markko does not know how to remain idle. Fascinated by time saving technology, he is always ready to try new things and learn new ways of completing processes. It just so turns out, many of these personality traits ended up leading him towards joining Funderbeam.

“It is fascinating to create something that that can assist people and people can communicate with. We used to have machines you had to spend countless hours learning how to use, now we are moving toward machines you give orders to in natural language. It’s a bit like the work of Dr. Frankenstein… I feel the responsibility to make our “little monster” humane, friendly, and useful.”

In his personal time, Markko enjoys mental and physical challenges. Rides in XC bike marathons and participates in adventure races. He is married to a very talented artist, and they have two sons together. He has read everything by William Gibson and his favourite movies are “Blade Runner”, “Conspiracy Theory”, and “Drive”.

If you want to learn more about Markko or what he’s doing with Funderbeam, you can visit his personal website or where you can see his work first hand.

Oh, he also enjoys eating with chopsticks.

Markko Karu Markko Karu Markko Karu Markko Karu Markko Karu Markko Karu

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