Blockchain World Congress

How Will Blockchain Revolutionize the Flow of Payments and Data Across Global Markets?

Funderbeam is heading to New York City for the Blockchain World Congress on September 13, 2016 (Tomorrow!). Specialists and businesses from around the world who use blockchain technology on a daily basis or implement it into their business will be in attendance to network and share their insights. This, of course will include our CEO and Founder, Kaidi Ruusalepp.

Specifically, Kaidi will be speaking about Funderbeam’s experience with blockchain and the technology’s current upsides, complications, and future possibilities.

The underlying technology behind Bitcoin has the potential to be one of the most exciting technological advances of our time. — Blockchain World Congress, 2016

With Funderbeam being the first platform in the world where growth companies are funded and traded across borders, on blockchain, Kaidi will be well-equipped to discuss the major obstacles that still occur when combining finance and blockchain.

Yet, more importantly, she will discuss how regulations impose more restrictions to such ventures than towards the development of technology and how the former must keep up with the latter in order for startups to reach their full potential. Kaidi will additionally cover the introduction of new instruments that accompany the blockchain — for example, the virtual wallet.

If you’d like to schedule a meeting with Kaidi while she’s in NYC you can reach out directly via Twitter