Tokens, trading, and liquidity for all: startup investing in the blockchain era

(A slightly-edited version of a speech given at the World Business Angels Investment Forum in Istanbul on February 22, 2016.) That’s Jaan Tallinn, Skype cofounder and Funderbeam investor. Maybe you agree with him, maybe you don’t. Perhaps you think that angel investing works beautifully just the way it is. You get in early, you wait. And wait. And hopefully there’s an exit at the end of the rainbow six years from now.

Funderbeam to use Estonian e-residency for investor authentication

NEWS RELEASE - Very soon, startup investments can be easily traded, liberating countless early-stage investors worldwide. Funderbeam will soon launch a marketplace that combines startup data, syndicated investing, trading, and is powered by blockchain technology. Set to debut in beta early next year, the platform will use Estonian e-residency to authenticate lead investors for its investment syndicates.